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Stichting Dankwah Street & Sports Academy (Netherlands) & Dankwah Street Academy Foundation (Ghana) were founded by top athlete & former Ghanaian Olympian champion, Ms. Esther Dankwah. Both organizations are registered in the Netherlands and Ghana.  Esther Dankwah knows better than anyone what it is like to ultimately have to fight and “run” from poverty for her life to survive. Having survived sexual abuse in her childhood, she knows what it means to experience pain, shame, suffering and ultimately survival. That is why she is committed to underprivileged children especially children who have experienced domestic violence, rape and neglect.

Esther has been athletic trainer and coach at the Haag Atletiek since 2009 and in March 2019, won the World Record for the Netherlands in the 60m indoor athletics category. She is the director of both organizations. 

Our Programs

We Facilitate Opportunities for Teenagers

Our programs are geared towards supporting at-risk children, youth, teenagers and young adults in Ghana and the Netherlands. In over 10 years working with young people, I have come to realise that the issues young people face is the same in Ghana and the Netherlands. Children face neglect, abuse and attention to to health needs. 


— Fitness4Life

Sports and fitness are not only good for well-being but crucial for learning and socialization for children. We promote safe training spaces for young athletes and coaches.


— Dankwah Children Centre

Children deserve a safe environment to grow and thrive. Our centre will safe as a safe home for abused and street children.


— Dankwah Action Network

Our sexual advocacy community of social activists aimed at raising awareness and undertaking actions to address abuse of children / teenagers in Ghana and the Netherlands.


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